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Hiwonder . What is Qbot. Qbot is an educational robot based on graphical programming and Arduino platform. This robot is perfect for learning STEAM and robotic knowledge and suit for robot lovers and beginners to learn robot and programming. Image 1-1 Qbot Programmable Educational Robot. We provide a Mobile APP controller, which has many.
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iPhone Open the Mobile phone App, and open Bluetooth after connected the X-Arm, you can achieve the interaction between the mobile phone and the X-Arm. You can control the X-Arm as you wish, you can program it by yourself and download the programming to the X-Arm.

xArm Studio offers a new way to program the robotic arm without code. Simply teach the xArm by hand. Then dragging and dropping blocks, xArm can repeat complex paths in just 10 minutes. Quote Request coming May 2022 Operating Platforms xArm Studio is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including macOS and Windows.
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  • During the online update of UFACTORY xArm Studio and UFACTORY xArm Firmware by UFACTORY xArm Studio, the UFACTORY xArm control box will access the Internet to obtain updates, so you need to ensure that the UFACTORY xArm control box can access the Internet. The recommended connection method is shown in the following figure. ... 2.1 Tool download ...
  • UFACTORY xArm 6. UFACTORY xArm 6的有效载荷为5kg,重复定位精度为±0.1mm,以极具竞争力的价格提供与行业内主流6轴机器人手臂相媲美的产品性能,普遍应用于无人值守及人机协作的商业应用,如无人零售,无人厨房,无人巡检、柔性产线等场景。.
  • 3.1. Use xArm Studio to Control xArm Gripper 1. Set up xArm Gripper ⚫ Enter [Settings]-[End Effector] Select the end effector: xArm Gripper 1. The opening and closing speed of the gripper can be adjusted. 2. The self-collision prevention model of the gripper can be turned on by clicking the button. 3.
  • 2.1 Tool download Download address of xarm-tool-gui tool, UFACTORY xArm Studio and UFACTORY xArm Firmware installation package: xArm-Tool-GUI If your computer connected to the UFACTORY xArm control box can access the Internet, please refer to "2.2 Online Update by xArm-tool-gui".
  • download git clone install python install Doc API Document API Code Document Update Summary 1.9.10 Support Lite6 Model Fix several bugs 1.9.0 Support friction parameter identification interface Support relative motion Support xarm6-type11 firmware